About Us


DENAS EUROPE s.r.o. is the official website Group of Companies of SANED in Europe. Group of Companies «SANED» working on design and manufacturing devices for physical therapy for professional or home use more than 20 years already.

Millions of people in Russia and abroad use our products and appreciate its capabilities. The device DENAS has become a real “home doctor”!

But we did not stop there, and decided to develop in several directions at once.

Today the SANED Group of Companies unites large enterprises in various business areas.

Development and production of medical equipment


Our devices based on patented medical technology called DENS (Dynamic Electric NeuroStimulation) therapeutic. This is medical technology using the weak impulse current in biologically active zones and spots in order to achieve specific therapeutic effects. DENS combines principles of physioterapy and reflexology. 

The dynamic electrical neurostimulation can be used as an independent method of treatment for allergic reactions to pharmacotherapy and in case of contraindications to the use of other methods. The DENAS devices are used as a part of complex therapy in order to enhance the effect and shorten the treatment time. DENAS devices can be used in situations of one-time, emergency care, as well as for a course of treatment in the treatment of chronic diseases or for recovery from past traumas and surgeries.

Our products are:

– universal devices that are successfully used to treat people of any age. In all universal DENS-devices there is a possibility of a choice of various modes and modes;

– specialized devices for influencing certain areas of the body. Especially automated therapeutic and preventive processes;

– DENS-electrodes to universal DENS devices, which provide additional opportunities for a comfortable impact on various parts of the body, for self-help and reducing the time of procedures.

Over the years our devices has proved competitiveness through a set of factors - reasonable cost, reliability, demonstrated effectiveness for treating, design and quality of manufacturing – our production has been confirmed by an ISO 9001 certificate and ISO 13485 certificate. 

Production of natural Karlsbad mineral salt

DENAS EUROPE Karlsbad mineral salt

Apart from medical devices our company owns factory, which produce mineral salt at Karlovy Vary, which has healing properties and prophylactic effect – it’s also fit into our mission about improve the quality of life of people.

The healing properties of the mineral water of the famous Czech spa are known from the 17th century. At the end of the 19th century, the first technology was invented to isolate a healing product, salt, from natural mineral water. The Karlsbader mineral salt, produced in the 21st century, is a natural product that has undergone seven degrees of purification and fully corresponds to the chemical composition of the geyser water from the source in Karlovy Vary.

Mineral water prepared from the Karlovy Vary salt is recommended:

  • to normalize the work of the digestive tract;
  • in case of metabolic disorders;
  • for cosmetology purposes;
  • as a relaxing tool (in the form of baths and baths).

The production of this natural salt is certified in accordance with European standards relating to the quality assurance EN ISO and the product, namely the natural salt from Karlovy Vary that is produced with the use of the modern equipment, complies with requirements of the National Institute of Health of the Czech Republic.

New technology – new devices


High quality and demonstrated effectiveness of our products – indicator, why people choose us, trust us, recommended us – not only at Russia.   

The introduction of the medical technology «neural-like dynamic electroneurostimulation» or NEURODENS has become a new result of the research activity carried out by the SANED Group of Companies for more than 21 years.

Neural-like dynamic electrostimulation is a medical technology of applying pulsed currents that dynamically change their parameters for therapeutic purposes. The impact is carried out by the «NEURODENS» devices on certain limited areas of the skin of the body, which possess high biological activity - reflexogenic zones, mini-acupuncture correspondence systems and acupuncture points.

The ideology of NEURODENS is based on many years of experience in the study and implementation of electroneurostimulation and meets the principles of personalized therapy at any stage of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.

Neurodens has a minimum of contraindications, there are practically no side effects, when using the devices, intoxication is excluded, the likelihood of allergic manifestations and overdose of effects is negligible.The non-drug method NEURODENS will be implemented in portable devices with treatment and recovery programs for many diseases. The first novelty in this series is the NEURODENS-Cardio device for blood pressure correction with four treatment-and-prophylactic programs that act on the cause of hypertension.

High quality and demonstrated effectiveness of our products – indicator, why people choose us, trust us, recommended us – not only at Russia.