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Maximum opportunities are afforded thanks to the multilingual medical device. DENAS-PCM is the universal medical device that allows implementing a ..

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DENAS-PCM – Family doctor
Nowadays it is difficult to find a healthy person - the number of patients with chronic diseases is increasing, the diseases themselves are getting younger. Sometimes the prescriptions of specialist doctors are so numerous that the question arises: where to get so much money and time to take all medications prescribed by doctors and carry out all necessary procedures? And the contraindications, and the side effects of taking medication? And if the family is large, it is quite expensive to maintain the health of its members!

Fortunately, there is a way to improve the health of every member of the family - from the baby to the elderly. It's an electroneurostimulation with device DENAS-PCM.
DENAS-PCM device is successfully used for treatment of a wide range of diseases and is actually home physiotherapy devices for people of any age. The device is used at any stage of the disease, both in combination with other methods, and independently. It can be used in people with diseases of the nervous system, respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, digestive, urinary, musculoskeletal, endocrine, sexual systems, diseases of the ENT organs, eyes and skin. Also dynamic electroneurostimulation device DENAS-PСM - is an excellent tool for rehabilitation after diseases, surgical interventions, injuries, as well as prevention of infectious diseases and exacerbations of chronic diseases.

In DENAS-PCM there is a choice of different frequencies. Depending on the selected frequency you can get different therapeutic effects. Some frequencies are in demand for the treatment of pain syndromes, others - for normalization of pressure, the third - to relieve swelling, etc. In addition, the models are equipped with special preventive programs, and many - modes to assess the effectiveness of treatment and identify problem areas.

How to choose a treatment frequency?
200 Hz - very severe pain, pain shock, resuscitation, herpes.
140 Hz - intense pain, inflammation, insect bites.
125 Hz - unstable blood pressure, dizziness, etc.
77 Hz - moderate pain, for chronic diseases
60 Hz - complaint from internal organs (gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system), joints (arthritis).
20 Hz - complaint is not related to pain, work on the hands and feet (Su-Jock), work on the points of the ear, endocrine pathology, infertility.
10 Hz - work with the CNS, improving memory, strengthening memory.
1- 9.9 Hz - target frequencies; for treatment of chronic diseases, prevention of their exacerbations and for treatment when acute manifestations of the disease are removed.
77 20 Hz - anti-edema and lymphatic drainage frequency, regulates vascular tone, elimination of nervousness, anxiety and fear, depression, etc.
7710 Hz - relaxing, lowers high blood pressure,
77AM - tonic, increases low blood pressure.

What's the duration of DENS treatment?
1. In case of an acute complaint, it takes at least 30 minutes to get a response from the body, but may take up to 1.5 hours. If the procedure is done several times a day, then acute complaints are quick.
2. In case of chronic complaints one, maximum two procedures per day are sufficient. In this case, regularity of courses is important, each of which can (7-14-21) day.


Maximum opportunities are afforded thanks to the multilingual medical device.

DENAS-PCM is the universal medical device that allows implementing a range of treatment programs for the first-aid treatment and the protracted treatment.

DENAS-PCM means:

  • 24 automatic treatment programs, among which are «Cough», «Pain», «Running nose», «Joints», «Allergy», «Back», etc.;
  • 14 modes for the treatment and the prevention;
  • the function «Children’s doctor» that guarantees comfortable carrying out of therapeutic procedures to babies;
  • the demonstration of exposure zones on the color display of the medical apparatus in course of the selected technique;
  • the opportunity to choose the suitable menu language: Russian, English, German, French or Italian.

Procedures using DENAS-PCM mean:

  • the opportunity to conduct domiciliary physiotherapeutic treatment sessions;
  • the effective prevention of cold-related diseases during any epidemic and the recurrence of chronic diseases;
  • the assessment of the functional body state using special programs;
  • the fast amelioration of acute and chronic pains and the protracted treatment of chronic diseases;
  • the opportunity to provide the qualitative rehabilitation treatment using specially selected frequencies.

Affected areas visualization in the «Programs» menu simplifies learning and usage of the device.

  • 24 treatment programs.
  • Therapy 1 to 9.9 Hz: infralow frequencies are used to work out an individual treatment procedure according to the diagnosis.
  • Therapy 10, 20 Hz: modes for correcting psychic and emotional state and hormonal disorders.
  • Therapy 60, 77.125, 140 Hz: special modes for pains, swellings and inflammations.
  • Therapy 200 Hz: quick pain relief mode.
  • MED program: rehabilitation after physical and mental stress, illnesses prevention.
  • Therapy 7710, 77AM, 7720: special modes for relaxing, tonic, and anti-swelling effect.
  • Screening: mode for selecting the optimal treatment zones.
  • Children's doctor allows to choose the optimum capacity when conducting procedures for small children.

The kit includes:

  • DENAS-PCM device;
  • Operating manual; 
  • Consumer packaging;  
  • LR6/AA batteries (2PCs).

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: 1.5V LR6/AA (2 pcs)
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Dimensions: 155×50×40 mm

There are contraindications. Use according to instructions.

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