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The arterial blood pressure is within normal limits! DENAS-Cardio is a specialized device with two automatic treatment programs for the correc..

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According to medical statistics, one in five people on our planet suffers from high pressure. 
People's blood pressure usually rises with age, in most cases due to poor nutrition and lifestyle. However, hypertension tends to rejuvenate: more and more often this diagnosis is made to people whose activities are associated with high emotional stress, stress, lack of sleep, etc. In addition, this disease can also be transmitted by inheritance.
Until now, the arsenal of hypertension for the correction of blood pressure was only medication. But for several years now, the DENAS-Cardio blood pressure correction device has been successfully used to treat hypertension.
It can be used both independently - to prevent hypertension and treat its initial stages, and in combination with medications prescribed by a doctor. In both cases, if used correctly, you can count on the stabilization of BP, protection from hypertension crises and the development of the disease.    

In addition to the main result - normalization of blood pressure, the use of the apparatus leads to a decrease in heart pain, stabilization of psycho-emotional state and, consequently, improve sleep and overall health.

DENAS-Cardio has two treatment programs. Depending on the selected program, the session is carried out on the wrist (in program № 1) or on the lower leg (in program № 2).  
During a session under the program number 1 is an impact on the biologically active point, located on the inner surface of the wrist (at a distance of 3 cm from the wrist fold). 

With the help of the program № 2, an impact is made on the point, which is located on the lower third of the inner shin.

The impact on it improves water-salt, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, which helps reduce swelling, the outflow of excess fluid and prevent atherosclerosis.

DENAS-Cardio programs can be used not only together, but also separately. Such tactics are good for preventing hypertensive crises, as well as for obtaining a relaxing effect.


The arterial blood pressure is within normal limits!

DENAS-Cardio is a specialized device with two automatic treatment programs for the correction of the arterial blood pressure and the therapy of the hypertensive disease.

A course of treatment with the DENAS-Cardio device canstabilize blood pressure and improve overall health.
Regular use of the device can also prevent hypertensive crises and possible complications. High blood pressure can be gradually lowered using DENAS-Cardio, which makes self-treatment comfortable for patients at various stages of diseases.

Procedures using DENAS-Cardio mean:

  • the stabilization of the arterial blood pressure thanks to the use during the protracted treatment;
  • the elimination of cardiac pains;
  • the improvement of general well-being and the normalization of disturbed sleep;
  • the drug dose reduction and the reduction of drug dose frequency;
  • the prevention of hypertensive crises, strokes and infarctions.


The device is very easy to use: simply press a button and the program will automatically adapt to your body and select the most appropriate treatment mode. Thanks to the gradual decrease of arterial pressure, the treatment is comfortable for patients suffering from different disease stages.Recommendations for use for systematic treatment: perform 1–2 sessions a day for 10–15 days regardless of the AP values prior to the procedure. In case of stable arterial hypertension, repeat the treatment every month.


  • The set includes:
  • DENAS-Cardio 
  • Operating manual 
  • Plastic case
  • LR6/AA type batteries.

Technical specifications:

  • Power source: 1.5V LR6/AA (2 pcs)
  • Weight: 0.35kg
  • Dimensions: 120×110×35mm

There are contraindications. Use according to instructions.

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