Client Testimonials

DENAS-Cardio is a device for correcting blood pressure I bought on the advice of my friend. He uses the device for a long time and successfully. After a few treatments with DENAS-Cardio I got rid of cardiac arrhythmia, and lowered the dosage of my blood pressure meds to 1 pill a day

--Anna Savchenko--

My son with the help of DENAS-PCM gets rid of bruises and sprains gained during training. DENAS-PCM - a great helper for people who lead an active lifestyle and who do not have time for the disease.

--Marina Lapina--

DENAS Cardio is really stabilization of the arterial blood pressure thanks to the use during the protracted treatment and the elimination of cardiac pains


I started drinking water with Carlsbad salt a year ago in small courses. During this time I have not had exacerbations of my chronic peptic ulcer disease. And my health has improved several times. I want such a useful product to be in every family

--Tanya Levkovich--

DENAS-PKM has been in our family for several years now, and we have been using it for any occasion. I do not consider this device a panacea for all ills, but it is easier to live with it. The device heals well cuts and abrasions, relieves pain in the neck and back, treats colds.


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