Frequently Asked Questions

The universal device DENAS PCM is used to treat a wide range of diseases. Specialized devices (automation of the therapeutic process): - DENAS-Cardio (device for blood pressure correction), - DENAS-Vertebra (for DENAS-effects on all parts of the spine).
DENAS for over 21 years on the market of restorative medicine and health. All DENAS products have passed all the necessary tests and have registration certificates and certificates (you can find them in the description of each product in our catalog).
The basis of the action of the devices DENAS is a physiotherapeutic method of dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENAS). DENAS therapy is a therapeutic and prophylactic effect of a pulsed current on the pathological area (pain, swelling, inflammation), reflex zones and acupuncture points. The impulses of the DENAS apparatuses trigger healing reactions in the body, due to which it is possible to achieve a whole range of therapeutic effects.
DENAS-therapy is applied: - for anesthesia; - to reduce the time of recovery; - to reduce the activity of pathological processes; - to improve blood circulation in all organs and systems; - to normalize metabolic processes. More information is provided in PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DENS.
Yes. Devices DENAS successfully used for the prevention and enhance the adaptive capacity of the organism. Application Details – in PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DENS.
No. DENAS devices can be used and obtained by anyone, as the basic principle of DENAS-effects is: “where it hurts, there also heal”. But it is possible to significantly expand the use and increase the effectiveness of treatment. More information is provided in PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DENS.
This task is easily handled by remote electrodes, which are connected to DENAS PCM. . DENAS applicators will help with long procedures and for a comfortable impact on the back and feet. DENAS-glasses stimulate the area around the eyes in order to prevent eye diseases and correct visual impairment.
DENAS is a reduction in the duration of treatment and a reduction in the number of medications taken. DENAS is the possibility of treatment at home. DENAS is dsease prevention. DENAS is ability to maintain their health during periods of significant emotional and physical stress. More information is provided in PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DENS.
Absolute contraindications: - the patient has an implanted pacemaker; - individual intolerance. Relative contraindications: - epileptic status; - neoplasms of any origin; - fever of unexplained cause; - vein thrombosis; - a state of acute mental, alcoholic or narcotic arousal.
The device DENAS PCM has the function "Children's Doctor", which determines the power of exposure, as well as the impact zone for various diseases in children.
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