DENAS EUROPE DistributionDENAS EUROPE s.r.o. – the official representative of the famous Russian developer and manufacturer of portable medical equipment Group of Companies of the SANED. These products – devices for personal and professional use – have become widespread in many countries around the world due to their quality and efficiency.

All products – DENAS brand devices – are presented in the catalog of our site. In addition to information regarding the use of devices, here you can see the documents that allowed us to sell our devices and related products on the European market.

We are happy to offer our high-quality product to retail customers. However, the priority activity of our company is cooperation with European medical equipment dealers.

DENAS EUROPE s.r.o. is open for partnership with distributors of any class and level and does its best to make cooperation mutually beneficial and fruitful.

Our partners receive a quality product, special payment and product delivery terms. In addition, DENAS EUROPE s.r.o. It offers powerful informational support – field seminars, presentations, consultations, as well as high-quality printing. In any country of the world we provide the support necessary for the growth of sales and, accordingly, the profits of our partners.

You can write your questions regarding cooperation in the feedback form under the heading “Our Contacts” or at info@denas-europe.com